Comercial da Control Rock'n'roll sem limites

Rock'n'Roll Unlimited

Lipstick mark on a cigarette, walk under the rain, get to know someone mysterious, fall in love for someone mysterious, dancing with the wall, the last cigarette, go Dutch, see someone I know from the bus’ window, enjoy Italian horror, read Robert Crumb, Bukowski, Snoopy, Angeli, Niquel Nausea. “Ponto de Fuga”, buy second hand books, comics and clothes Go to vernissages, make love listening to Portishead, casual sex, informal sex, group sex, meet in the Republica’s Square. Drink at Batista Campos, after party in a 24 hours supermarket, bad trip, white face, drink at Gelutio’s. Sing a song in the dancing floor, grab someone in the toilet, listin to Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Mutantes, Placebo, Joy Division, the cure, Smiths, Pistols, David Bowie, The Who, Pixes, b52's, hives, cramps, Radiohead, Industrial and samba rock with the same pleasure of reading fanzines, making fanzines, writing a script, making films, joining bands, making parties and living the night.

Control partie, sutarday #14 at 8:00pm all V.I.P still to 10pm after R$ 5,00.

Maximals Control DJ's
DJ Coe (Rocktron)
DJ MarC (PornPunk)
DJ Ralph (Power Batcave)

Special gest performance DJ's
DJ Allan Firewalk (Hardrock)
DJ Cacau (Happyshinnig eletro)
DJ Carlos (Sambarock)
DJ Kostas
DJ Juliana (Punkbilly)

The cure Vs. Radiohead

Beer R$3,50
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